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All my life, I moved from one place to another. My father’s job in Pakistan would take us everywhere from big cities to remote villages. I spent part of my childhood at a Christian boarding school as a Muslim girl in beautiful hills of Murree. At age 16, I moved to Pelham, Alabama and got my first taste of this far away land called America that I had always dreamed of. I then went on to experience California from the ghettos in Vallejo and Richmond to the liberals in Berkeley and now corporate life in San Francisco.

Having come from the East and assimilated with the Western lifestyle, I have gained a unique perspective that I wish to share with others through this website. I also truly believe that people are fundamentally good and that there are many untold stories of heroes in our everyday life that are worth celebrating.

I hope that you will join me in this journey and share your own unique experiences, ideas and stories.

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