All my life, I have moved from one place to another. My father’s job in Pakistan would take us everywhere from big cities to remote villages. I spent part of my childhood at a Christian boarding school as a Muslim girl in beautiful hills of Murree. At age 16, I moved to Pelham, Alabama and got my first taste of this far away land called America that I had always dreamed of. I then went on to experience California as a teenager in rough neighborhoods of Richmond and Vallejo to making lifelong friends in the dorms of UC Berkeley and working in the Corporate world for over a decade now in San Francisco.

As a female raised in a conservative culture and having assimilated with American values, I have gained unique experiences and perspective that I wish to share with you through this blog. I believe it is more important now than ever for people to discourse, debate and learn from each other when so much rhetoric around us is fueling blame and hatred instead. As a Corporate leader, I am also passionate about empowering women and speaking up on the many issues facing women in the workplace and society at large.

I hope that you will join me in this journey and share your own unique experiences, ideas and stories, so we can learn from each other.


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